Cats and cat supplies for sale in Athens, OH

We have two very beautiful kittens. boy and girl who are very active and loves to play. Cream colored boy who is also very active and loves to distract others so they can join him for fun. We welcome you for home visit to have a look. please text or call (530) 324-2867 thanks.
Lum is a healthy and happy foster cat, waiting for his forever home. He limps on his right front leg from an unknown injury in the past. He has lived inside since being rescued, and needs to continue inside because of his leg. He is very friendly with everyone and even purrs at the veterinarian's office. He prefers to sleep under the covers with someone, gets along well with cats and good dogs,...
This fellow was rescued from a dumpster when he was small last summer. He is friendly and loves to play. He is a very nice bed-warmer because he sleeps under the covers. Weight 10 lbs. Neutered, current on shots. Fee $50. Please apply at morganspot.org before you contact us.
This baby was found alone in a barn. Very friendly, oblivious to all troubles and strife, great with other pets and people, twelve pounds, 10 mons old, neutered. Fee $50. Please apply at morganspot.org.
Fluffy is gorgeous, very affectionate, and loves to curl up in your lap and sleep in your lap. We adopted Fluffy for our son, who no longer lives at home. We travel a terrific deal, and don't like to have to keep Fluffy in the kennel for so long. Fluffy is very gentle, very kind, and never scratches or bites. He does, however, have litterbox problems. He consistently urinates in his litterbox (...
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